Lusciously Local Home

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It’s what it’s all about….What can we do with the bounty from Specialty Produce this week? What would you make? Get your own Farmer’s Market Bag and share your ideas. It’s all about Fresh, Local and Luscious!


12 Responses to “Lusciously Local Home”

  1. alex ashforth Says:

    looks so yummy! you inspired me to start going to my local farmers market aunt lu! i went for the first time on tuesday and bought all kinds of delicious produce! i also bought an heirloom tomato plant so i can start growing some of my own goodies!!! love you!

  2. lusciouslylocal Says:

    I ‘m so glad honey!
    Just so you know, it’s really cheap and easy to start your own plants from seed. You are starting at the perfect time of year, too! The ground is soft right now and easy to pull weeds out of 🙂 Come over soon! I love you!

  3. Derek Says:

    Just picked up my bag, so excited! I’m planning a dinner for tomorrow, so far off the top of my head I’m gonna make a salad with the beet greens, beets, blood oranges, a little of the dill and some bleu cheese. Gonna try a couple viniagrettes, a passion fruit and a yuzu, see which works better. Now I have to put together a main course…thinking a shrimp stir fry with the baby carrots, green garlic, and leeks, among other things.

    • lusciouslylocal Says:

      wow Derek, you have a completely different game plan than me. I have never thought of using everything up at once. Cool! I’d like to hear more about your viniagrettes, let me know how they come out, OK?
      Thank you for commenting!

      • Derek Says:

        Cooked up a few things this weekend. By far the highlight was the passion fruit viniagrette, nice and tangy with a nice and subtle passion fruit flavor. Another highlight was grilled baby leeks and asparagus. Yum!

  4. LifeChef Says:

    Very interesting concept. Love it! Keep up the posts and add me to the email list! Thanks

  5. oneordinaryday Says:

    I was like a kid in a candy store the first time I stepped into the local farmers market. Living in PA, our winter choices are pretty slim for buying local, but we sure do try.

    Also wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog and for the nice comment.

  6. Julie Says:

    Wish you were on FaceBook so I could share all your good stuff with my friends!

  7. ezsrecipes Says:

    Hi there, I saw a comment from you on One Ordinary Day’s blog and wanted to say hello and introduce myself as another green blogger. I don’t always post green tips but the month of April I plan on doing it as often as I can. It’s nice to have “met” you and I will be adding you to my blogroll! =)

  8. Tammy McLeod Says:

    I’m thinking of an amazing orange, fennel, cilantro salsa!

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