One More Reason to Love the FMB!

Ah, the beauty of a simple, customer satisfaction based service!

I’m not getting a bag this week, and no I didn’t forget this time. Truth is, I’ll be out of town Wednesday and Thursday and then I’m Baby Sitting my little (actually, BIG) Grandbaby Dog, Stella for a couple of days. Seemed like a good time to take a one week break from ordering my bag and clean out my fridge. So, I didn’t order my bag….and it’s no problem! That is one of the huge differences between the CSA offered through Specialty Produce and the typical ones you can sign up for at local farmer’s markets.  Order when you like and pay as go, perfect for someone on a tight budget like me.

My fridge is a bit heavy with baby Leeks, Green Garlic and few left over root vegetables and I still have some lettuce left from last week. I will be doing a post a little later on about ways to use up your veggies that may not be so perfect anymore besides the obvious use of turning them into broth. I’m looking forward to completely emptying the fridge and getting rid of that bad breath it gets from having Chinese Chives in the drawer (pee-yew!).

I’ve been doing a lot of gardening this week and finally have the 30 baby cucumber plants for future pickles for the Porchtime Pickle Project in the ground and well as the dill started and about 20 or so Pepper seeds planted in the ground.
I love looking down at the newly planted pickle and pepper patch from my porch and imagining all beautiful jars of pickles I’m going to create. I think that next week I better get started on experimenting with the recipes.

Until next time, Thank you for reading and commenting!