Friday Fish Fry

Just look at that glistening beauty that is the Yellowtail from this week’s bag (an add on at $10.00 and a total steal for 2 lbs of LOCAL, ridiculously fresh fish).

Now most fresh fish purists would never think of doing to a little bit of this fish what I decided to do. Maybe because it’s March and almost St. Patrick’s Day and I am a bit o’ Irish (like everybody else!) or maybe because I walked by Shakespeare’s Pub and smelled the Fry, but Deep Fried Fish and Chips (and Scallops and Onion Rings and CHEESE!) became the idea of the evening.

We started by Shawn whipping up an awesome beer batter made with Guinness. He modified (of course!) a basic batter recipe to the following:

Best Beer Batter-By Shawn

1 1/2 cups flour

1/4 cup whole wheat flour

1/4 cup cornmeal

1 bottle Guinness


white pepper


I have to tell you, this batter was the easiest to work with! VERY thick and clung to everything without drifting around in the oil. Great flavor and the cornmeal adds just a touch of grainy crunch.

We always use our Wok for deep frying and use Canola oil. Once the onion and potatoes were sliced and the batter made, it is just so easy to be decadent and chow down on a fried food festa!

Bear in mind I was absolutely starving when we started making this. So we ended up just eating each batch as it came out of the fryer. Here’s a look at the chips frying…we used red potatoes and they work really well for this.

The fish was no doubt the best I’ve ever eaten prepared this way. I will admit that I ate most of it. Fresh lemon, organic ketchup and malt vinegar made it all very authentic.

Now, as far as the cheese goes. Wow. Really too good. I rationed us to one piece each of the melty, crunchy, smoked cheddar goodness. Definitely something to keep up my sleeve for unexpected guests or munchies.

Oh, and no worries. The rest of the fish was treated the way an awesome piece of fish should be treated….rubbed and blackened and served with a touch of homemade dilled hollandaise sauce and served to my sister and her family. It was de-light-ful. Damn, now I’m hungry!