Porchtime Pickles

My porch

My time spent on my porch, fondly known to those who know me as “Porchtime”, is my inspiration for the name of my fledgling pickle company “Porchtime Pickles”.

I was seeking an idea for a Farmer’s Market booth product and approached Catt White from the Little Italy Mercato. I had originally wanted to sell roasted nuts, but she poo-pooed it and suggested that her customers  really wanted an excellent pickle.  Hmmm, I thought. I think I can do that.

I began researching pickling in general and found a commercial kitchen I could use, Just Call Us Kitchen Rental, and decided that I needed to grow my own cucumbers to really keep the project super fresh, local and luscious.

I have started 30 baby cucumber plants that I have literally “babied” throughout the chilly winter, Moving them from my bedroom to the sunshine on the porch every day there is any. Cucumbers are such a warm weather plant that taking great care of the seedlings was a must. Now they have started getting their second true leaves and I have hardened them off by leaving them outside more and more.

Future Porchtime Pickles

This week, I will be planting my Dill and preparing the ground for planting. I want to be ready to plant as soon as it is warm enough.

Throughout the spring, I will be testing out recipes for my pickles and using friends and family as my testers. So if you like pickled produce, you better be my friend 🙂

I have all kinds of ideas for other foods I can pickle. Mostly vegetables that I’m growing like Beets. But the options are endless. By the end of summer, I hope to have my pickles at 3 or more San Diego Farmer’s Markets and spreading the Pickle Love!


2 Responses to “Porchtime Pickles”

  1. Catt White Says:

    We have more markets coming online and we need those pickles! Keep us posted.

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