Farmer’s Market Bag FAQ’s

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What is the Farmers’ Market Bag?
Local, organic & sustainably sourced produce from over a dozen farms each week. The Farmers’ Market Bag (aka FMB) is our version of a CSA box. By definition, CSAs are composed of a “community of individuals who pledge support to a farm operation so that the farmland becomes, either legally or spiritually, the community’s farm, with the growers and consumers providing mutual support and sharing the risks and benefits of food production” (ref).A typical CSA consists of shareholders pledging a shared cost of the farms’ operations. Each individual investment yields a share of farm crops, including a closer connection to freshly picked organic and sustainable produce that hasn’t traveled thousands of miles nor has it been sitting on grocery shelves for days and weeks. Some weeks the bounty is plentiful, others can be a struggle. Shared risk is what it is like to be part of the farm. These farms raise food that is good for the soil, good for biodiversity and good for the community.

Our FMB program supports multiple California Farms & Farmers each week, with whom we have a direct relationship with. As a subscriber, you are demonstrating respect for the earth by taking responsibility for sustainable farming practices, energy efficient production and distribution while paying farmers decent fair wages, and elevating environmental consciousness. We appreciate everyone’s dedication and commitment to this program and ultimately to the farms you are supporting.

How do I sign up?
If you haven’t already, you can register an account here.
How do I order a bag?
You order a bag right from the main Farmers’ Market Bag page. The deadline to order a bag is Sunday at midnight to place an order for the following Thursday/Friday. You can place prepaid orders for up to 4 weeks in advance.
What else can I order?
In the spirit of collaboration, we are working with a few local companies to bring you a wider range of foodstuffs that you can add to your FMB. Sustainably caught fish from Catalina Offshore Products, outstanding California Cheeses from Venissimo Cheese & freshly baked breads from Bread on Market will be some of the products available for purchase. You are more than welcome to come on into the warehouse if you would like to purchase additional items as well!
How much does it cost?
It’s only $20 for the standard bag of produce. Additional charges will apply to fish, cheese & bread.
How do I pay?
All purchases are now pre-pay by credit card, through our online ordering system!
Do I have to log in each week to order?
No! You can order up to 4 weeks at a time. The pricing of the products provided by our partners will change from week to week, and will be noted in their respective columns.
Can I opt out?
Yes! You control the frequency of your ordering, and can even cancel an order if you need to by managing your orders online. Please remember, the deadline to cancel with a full refund is Sunday at midnight for the following Thursday/Friday. If you would like to talk to someone about changing your order after the deadline, please call 619-876-4086.
How will I know what is in the bag?
The beauty of the system is that you don’t always know! Don’t worry though, unless April Fools Day falls on a Thursday or Friday, you will never get a bag filled only with chard. You should receive an email early in the week showing some of the items we have ordered for your bag. We receive all the produce on Wednesday from the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market and other local farmers. We fill the bags, record a video & then upload it to all of our major social networking sites. Of course all produce is subject to farmers’ market availabilities, sometimes the weather doesn’t allow for harvesting (and we know we’re all spoiled here in Southern California, so I won’t mention weather again).
On Wednesday evening you will be able to see the latest FMB on YouTube or Facebook.
Where can I find information on the produce in the bag?
All of our Farmers’ Market produce has it’s own page on our website specific to each farm! The weekly video will provide you with the names of the produce in the bag, as well as the farm it was grown by. You will also find a weekly updated post with links to the each product pages on our website. Be sure to check out all the recipe links and restaurants that are currently using that item on their menu.
Where do I pick up my bag?
Specialty Produce
1929 Hancock Street, Suite 150
San Diego, CA 92110
When can I pick up my bag?
8am-6pm, Thursday and Friday. You must provide a valid ID & sign an invoice in order to pick up your bag. We will soon be implementing a Curbside Pickup Service, where you will be able to drive up to the warehouse & we’ll bring the bag right out to your car! (Who else has a drive through produce stand, really?)
What do I do if I need a friend to pick up a bag for me?
After you have placed your order, you go to the “Manage My Orders” page and click on the “Modify” button for the week you need some help. Then you can input an alternate name if someone else is picking up your bag.
What do I do if I can’t pick up the bag until Saturday?
Please call 619-876-4086.
What happens if I don’t pick up my bag?
Hopefully the SMS &/or email alerts will help you to remember, we know everyone has busy schedules! If you do happen to forget, haven’t called us to arrange another pick-up time, or have not canceled your order through our online interface, you will still be billed. Your bag will be donated in your name to a local charity coordinated through our efforts with Feeding America (homepage).
Thank you for your interest & we hope you will share your FMB experience with us on our Facebook page! We look forward to seeing your creations…
Would you like to share photos of what you make with your produce? We are continually looking to add photos to our “customer photos” database, as well as recipes you may have posted on your blog. Feel free to email photos and links to to share with the community!

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