About Lusciously Local

I’m a little obsessed with Specialty Produce’s Farmer’s Market Bag, or FMB, which is why I started this blog. My original idea was to do a video blog once a week which would chronicle my adventures in cooking with the products from the bag. One problem, no video camera right now. Ok, so I go with the tried and true format of the traditional blog. Works ok for me for now, but I am looking forward to the videos!

As far as the “Luscious” part….In my experience, many restaurants treat Vegetarian food so poorly and is so uninspired that my party partner (my husband Shawn) and I have taken to creating at home as many different “Luscious”  Vegetable based meals as possible. It is a hobby for us and a useful one at that!

I have subscribed to a Vegetarian/flexitarian lifestyle for about 3 years now and am so happy that I did.  I was inspired by my son’s then-girlfriend Elsbeth Villa, who was a Vegan at the time.  I learned a lot about food and health from her and I thank her.  Going out to restaurants with her was a real challenge and a pain in the ass, but we learned a lot about what little and mostly bland offerings restaurants in general have for Vegans and Vegetarians.  Over the past few years, my knowledge and recipe bank has expanded exponentially . Sharing my ideas, knowledge and favorite recipes seemed like the next logical step, and so this blog was born.

My daughter Ashley, who is not a Vegetarian, will be contributing her ideas and recipes as well. Ashley recently became enlightened through the documentary Food, Inc. to strive to eat organically, sustainably and cruelty free as much as possible and has jumped enthusiastically on the FMB bandwagon.  So for those of you who crave a little somethin’ meaty now and then,  look for her posts which are coming soon.

For now, please read and enjoy. Feel free to leave comments and suggestions for ways to make this blog better. And please let me know if you try out any of the recipes! I would love to hear your comments.

I hope you become inspired to invite more organic, local foods into your life and learn to love and use the amazing variety of the Veggie Kingdom.

Let’s get Local together!

Ashley and Me


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