Who Knew Eating Out of a Jar Could be so Fun?

So we finally tried the pickled eggs. What a pleasant surprise! I had always thought they looked gross when I was a kid, but now I can see their value.

Slightly sweet, tangy and tender the very chilled eggs straight out of the jar were a perfect light lunch with bread and cheese and some of the really delicious pickled onions from the jar as well. Hubby and I were both coming up with all kinds of ideas for future pickled eggs. He, of course, wants a “Diablo” style, super hot egg. My mind went in the direction of improving the quality of the eggs by using organic, and then I realized just how awesome it would be to have my own flock of chickens for the eggs! very cool.

I was thinking that Porchtime Organic Pickled Eggs are a great thing to have on hand in your fridge: unexpected company, really hot outside, camping, picnics, use them for deviled eggs, smash on bread, chop on salad etc.

Isn’t it great when one of your goofy ideas comes out good? I think so.


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