On The Gathering of Things

By now you’ve probably noticed that I am not much of a material girl. I don’t want or “need” the trappings of a sex in the city type and I just downright enjoy getting a bargain and NOT paying 300 bucks for a pair of jeans.  I am, however, occasionally hit by the bug and just want to get a little sumthin sumthin for a little variety to my mostly obtained through donation closet collection or the house in general.

A few weeks back, we were out walking in Hillcrest and I spied a sale rack at a cute boutique stating that “everything on this rack $20”. Well, of course I had to look and of course found a super cute dress that Shawn said would no doubt become my new “uniform”. I tried it on, bought it and left the store wearing it. Normally, I only buy clothes from thrift stores or just have them given to me by my daughter and my friend Anita, but it just kinda happened, you know?

The very next day, this stupid dress started falling apart at the seams, literally! I had to get ol’ Betsy the sewing machine out and sew the bottom ruffle back on as it came almost completely off at the back . Ok, didn’t want to take it back cuz it IS cute and comfy. A couple days later, put it on again and this time the adjustable strap thingy wouldn’t keep the boulder up,so I tied a knot in the strap near the tiny plastic adjuster. About an hour later, I noticed the boob slipping down and lo and behold the damn plastic thing had cracked and half of it had fallen off! I was PO’d. But, no receipt to be found so I will have to just sew the strap in place I guess.

But how wrong is that? Cheap ass junk. Maybe  the old saying about you get what you pay for may apply here, but bear in mind this dress originally sold for $60. The bumpersticker moral to this story, for me anyway, is “I’d rather be shopping at Amvets”.

So with new dedication, the Amvets on the frontage road off Pacific Highway is now my go-to place for virtually everything. I guess I can’t buy panties or a bathing suit there, but whatever.Well, I guess I could. But nah.

Recently I have scored the following:

*2 pairs of gorgeous, nearly new, Pier One lined curtain panels for $19.95. They had been priced the day before at $19.95 per pair, but the next day when I went back they had a 50 percent off sale! Jeez, lucky! One pair is now hanging in my bedroom and the other pair may get used to make pillow covers and maybe even a new “uniform” dress for me!

*a huge and awesome wine decanter just like my wine broker friend’s for $2.95

*a pair of barely worn Lucky jeans for $7.95!!! They were 50 percent off the already incredibly cheap $14.95 and totally fit me (gasp!)

*a cute slightly trampy (ok, pretty trampy) Bebe top for $2.95

*Tommy Bahama shorts for Shawn, totally pressed and new looking for $5.95

*Brand new with tags Callaway Golf shirt for Shawn for $5.95

The only problem is, I have become a little obsessed with checking there a little more often than I should and I’m probably buying more stuff than I normally would just because of the awesome deals. Dear god, I can walk to the freaken’ place! I think I even have the recorded store information they play over the loudspeaker memorized. I’ve even been almost able to zone out and not hear the occasionally screaming kids. Maybe I’ll give it a rest for a few weeks….or days…..or , hmmmm,  I wonder if they have any cool random chairs for my budding dining area?


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