My blog is suffering. I have been distracted by other projects I’ve become involved in. I’ve been working in my own garden lately and I have more than enough food right now that I have grown myself and haven’t ordered my FMB for a few weeks now for various reasons.

I have spent a little time volunteering with the awesome and wonderful Just Call Us Volunteers and am heading next week to Olivewood Learning Center to help teach a class of schoolkids some healthy recipes.

My garden is super important to me right now as an event is planned for June and I want it looking really good for that! Folks from San Diego Food not Lawns are hosting a “Farmer on the Block” open house at my garden and I am very excited about that! I will be able to sell my surplus veggies to my neighbors and the San Diego Food not Lawns people will be on hand to help people plan their own food-growing gardens. VERY COOL!

In addition to all that, I am renovating my shack-tastic porch( yes, the porch of Porchtime Pickles!) to make more of an outdoor room for summer.

Whew! sorry little blog….I’ll try harder!

One Response to “Distraction!”

  1. Ashley Says:

    Do you need John’s help prepping for the June event?? He’d be happy to come by this week or we could both come by this weekend. Love you!!

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