Dill-icious: My Big Fat Greek Rice Dish

Update! Chris and Kelly from Specialty Produce made my day by securing me an FMB today even though I forgot to order one. I love the personal service that everyone gets from this awesome LOCAL company!

So onward with the show! (I mean, blog)

It’s cool and cloudy out now, so no problem turning on the oven for dinner. I still have a large bunch of the Dill left from last week’s bag and I will be making that dish that I told you about  in an earlier post that my brother-in-law loves. It’s a Feta Cheese and Dill Rice Bake. For us, this dish is a little rich. But we have had an extremely light eating day and it’s the sum of all the parts that matters to us, not just one meal or one day.

First, chopped Onions and Peppers are sauteed in Olive Oil . We recently watched a show highlighting Greek cooking and were surprised to find out just how important wild greens have been in the Greek culture. We, of course, have a bounty of Mustard Greens right now and so adding some to this dish is perfect because it uses up some of those greens and makes it more nutritious AND deliscious. We sauteed the greens after the onions and peppers.

After the onions and peppers have become nice and soft, the rice is added and stirred to coat with the veggies, then transferred to a large baking dish with the cooked greens, the feta cheese, milk and PLENTY of minced Dill. The rice cooks in the oven and absorbs the milk, resulting in a firm rice pudding-like texture with a beautiful Dill fragrance.

What’s amazing to me is how much greens cook down. The picture on the left shows what they looked like in the beginning of the cooking process. Look how much they shrank down:

Looks like they lost about 2/3 rds their volume. Too bad people can’t do that! Here’s the rice mixture almost ready to go in the oven to bake to golden brown cheesy yummy-ness:

The results! A dill-icious comfort type food that works well for using up bonus greens and a large amount of fragrant dill. Oh, and leftover idea: Cook yourself a Greek Style Fried Egg and eat it on top of the warmed rice casserole for breakfast.  mmmmm.

2 Responses to “Dill-icious: My Big Fat Greek Rice Dish”

  1. Helena Says:

    My dill (from almost two weeks ago) was still nice and fresh thanks to your storage tip! I used the rest of it last night in this dish and I loved it! 🙂

  2. lusciouslylocal Says:

    you are so cool Helena! I really appreciate your feedback and comments. Did you use any greens in yours? Make sure you try your leftovers with the egg on top, very yummy.
    Ciao Bella!

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