Not So Lucky Irish

Totally forgot to order our bag this week. Oh the shame, the humiliation!

I remember reminding Party Partner (now Doghouse Daddy) to order twice on Sunday. He’s the one who usually places the order and It’s my job to remind him. Ok, so I’m to blame as well. Just kind of fell asleep around 8pm. Ridiculous! And I’m at least a few years from being 80+.

So with a heavy heart, I watch the video of what EVERYBODY else is getting this week.

We will no doubt be out of veggies this week, a good time to clean out the cupboards and the freezer and use up some of that broth I made.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade right? Too bad I won’t have any!

No worries, I’m ordering for next week right NOW.

2 Responses to “Not So Lucky Irish”

  1. Kelly Orange Says:

    You might actually be in luck! Saw your post on fb & I think we may have an extra this week 😉 I will have to check for sure tomorrow, can you email with your request & phone # and someone will call you!

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