“Yuzin” My FMB, Asian Style

the din-din

We picked up our bag today and were disappointed that SP had run out of the beets and turnips. But, like all great customer based companies, we were more than compensated with a beautiful Artichoke, peas and some black radish.

I was really curious about that Yuzu that was in the bag this week. Looks like a yellow really big tangerine to me, and it peeled like one too.  Thinking about the Yuzu made me in the mood for an Asian inspired day. I ended up making Vietnamese Spring Rolls for lunch, but that’s another story.

Let’s stick with din-din, shall we?

First off,  I already knew that I was making one of hub’s all time favorites, Broccoli Fritters in Sichuan Pepper-Salt, but, I had that Yuzu stuck in my mind and I became INSPIRED.  In the bag this week, we got some beautiful little baby bok choy and green garlic.  So, I decided to make a little something to go with the Fritters by using the Yuzu for a sauce on the bok choy.

By the way, my all time best tip for making Asian food (or Indian for that matter), is to prep. If you have it all laid out, it really is one of the quickest and most delish ways to cook veggies.

The Broccoli Fritter recipe is one of the very few that I follow to the letter. It is just one of those perfect ones that doesn’t need anything else. It’s from Martin Yan’s Chinatown Cooking (IA book I recommend HIGHLY). My husband ranks this preparation right up there with King Crab Legs, Prime Rib and Fois Gras (blech!).

Broccoli Fritter makins

So here we have everything ready to prep:  Mix up the batter and let sit for 15 min, cup up the broccoli. The seasoning mix I have already made. Note: have a large bottle of Sake handy to keep you going in case you  “lose faith” in your efforts.  And yes, I know that Sake is not Chinese.  I like diversity, goddamit!

Next, I took one of Martin’s suggestions from his book to par boil the bok choy before stir frying. Great idea. I cut up some pieces of King Mushroom and parboiled those as well.

Beautiful FMB Bok Choy

Isn’t the Bok Choy just so pretty? And just as pretty are the mushrooms sizzling away in the Yuzu/Hoisin sauce….

Organic Local King Mushrooms absorbing Yuzu/Hoisin Sauce

Next,par-boiled bok choy was added in to warm up and get some flavor. So Easy. I kept this dish warm while I worked on the fritters.

Like I said, these dishes are really easy as long as you get all stuff ready before you start your wok heating up. I also had my rice all ready going on the back burner and all my serving pieces out before I started frying.

For the Yuzu sauce, I “yuzed”  hoisin, green garlic, yuzu juice, garlic chile sauce and lite soy sauce.  I finished the dish with a little zest from the Yuzu. Pretty!

Baby Bok Choy with Mushrooms and Yuzu/Hoisin Sauce

I really thought the Yuzu smelled a lot like grapefruit, but Shawn said it smelled like “pleasant” cat pee.  WTF? Weirdo. But then he told me that some folks liken Sauvignon Blanc to cat pee. Hmmm.

The Bok Choy with Mushrooms and Yuzu/Hoisin Sauce fall into the category of “Luscious! Let’s make this again!”

Thank you for reading and commenting everyone!

‘Till next time….


3 Responses to ““Yuzin” My FMB, Asian Style”

  1. Ashley Says:

    Love it! Totally “Yuzin” it!

  2. lusciouslylocal Says:

    I told John that one of things I was going to make for you guys was the Broccoli Fritters. SO yummy.

    You could “Yuze” any veggies you want for the stir fry dish, by the way!

  3. Sara Says:

    I can’t wait to try this one!! MY kids love chinese chicken with that seasoning, but they are huge broccoli fans and this might help us cross one more thing off of our craving list!

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