Yay for FMB day!

So we picked up our bag today and it is AWESOME. We got more fish as an add on, bread and some really tasty smoked cheddar cheese.Would you look at this beautiful stuff? Yes, that is a spaghetti squash. Aren’t those radishes just so pretty? Yay, a fennel bulb again! I had never even had fennel until I started getting this bag and I love it. I’m happy to see the green garlic again, as well. Hello Green Garlic!

When I get my bag, I always take steps to ensure freshness for as long as possible. The fish is portioned and in the freezer (sad, I know. It IS sushi-grade yellow tail afterall). I also do the following:

Cut tops off of root veggies (yes, you should save the beet greens, yummy!)

Any lettuce we get is washed and stored my lidded big bowl I have. I have figured out that we eat way more salad if the lettuce is already clean and ready to go.

I Place any herbs in a clean glass container of water. I put a little plastic bag over the top. Really helps with keeping herbs such as Cilantro fresh longer. See how happy the herbs on the right look? Then look at the sad, wilty bunch of cilantro that my husband brought home and just threw in the produce drawer…..Poor cilantro! Don’t worry, I have plans for the wilty one.

Wilty vegetables don’t usually get tossed at my house. I keep what I call the “trim bowl” in the fridge. That cilantro will probably make it into that bowl tomorrow. A couple times a week I take my veggie “trim” and make broth. If I can’t use up the broth in a day, I just freeze it. Making broth is a huge money and time saver for me. And it cuts down a ton on waste. Call me a weirdo, but I really love making broth. It can be manipulated to taste so many different ways. I find it very helpful to have a seasoned broth and a very plain one on hand. Oh, and don’t salt it. Just salt your dish your making with it to taste.

I keep all kinds of stuff for veggie stock: carrot ends, tops of leeks, bases of leeks, seeds and tops from peppers, thick stems from asparagus, greens, mushroom stems, pretty much anything. I stay away from too much of the skunky veggies for broth like cauliflower and cabbage, but otherwise it all goes in. Ginger peel, leftover herbs and stems, lemongrass ends, radish trim.

So that’s what we have to work with this week. I ‘m not sure what all we’re making yet but so far, the mint has me thinking Mojitos!

7 Responses to “Yay for FMB day!”

  1. Sara Says:

    I had been wondering if I could make a broth out of all those odds and ends. I make a lot of green juice with leftovers like those, but would prefer to use some for broth. How exactly do you make your broth?

    • lusciouslylocal Says:

      Hello Sara!
      Thank you for your question. I will be posting more exact instructions for veggie broth making soon, but to get you started…

      Just take whatever trim you want to use. Your trim should not be yucky,but limp is ok (I NEVER thought I would say that!) and be about 3 cups or more in volume.

      Put your clean veggie trim in a soup pot, cover with cold water and bring to a simmer. I usually add a quartered up onion with just a little peel (too much makes it bitter) and a couple clove of garlic, unpeeled and cut in half and some peppercorns.

      Just simmer for about an hour, strain, cool and store. You can put some in ice cube trays for when you just need a small amount. I usually freeze mine, like I said, if we don’t use it in a day or so. Don’t put hot soup in plastic containers. Let it cool first, or the plastic chemicals may leach into your food.

      I hope you have fun experimenting! thanks again, Luann

  2. Helena Says:

    Do you put the herbs (in water) in the fridge? Or leave them at room temp?


    • lusciouslylocal Says:

      Hi Helena,
      Thank you for reading and commenting. I am so happy for you that you found the FMB!

      The herbs go in the refrigerator on the top shelf so they won’t spill as easily. A small plastic bag over the top helps alot.
      My mint and cilantro that I got last week are still fresh and beautiful and I used them both in my spring rolls that I made today.

      Try this storage idea, I think you’ll like it! thanks again, Luann

  3. Helena Says:

    Thank you! I am not only excited that I found FMB but also that I found you! It’s like the perfect pair! 🙂

  4. Helena Says:

    I’m using up all of my veggie trim to make a stock. I am so excited to see how it turns out. Thanks for the tips. I also put the dill in water as you instructed and one week later it is still perfectly fresh! I’m sad that I won’t be getting a bag this week because I’m leaving town but I look forward to next week! 🙂 Thanks!

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