Why the Bag

As a subscriber, you are demonstrating respect for the earth by taking responsibility for sustainable farming practices, energy efficient production and distribution while paying farmers decent fair wages, and elevating environmental consciousness.”- Specialtyproduce.com

I read this today while on the Specialty Produce website. I couldn’t have said it better myself. To me, it is wonderful to be offered an affordable and delish way to participate in the community in a way that is really for the greater good. It is always heartening for me to run across businesses and people that are like-minded with my own philosophies.

Community and environmental consciousness may not be something that you think about too often when you think about food, but just by doing something as simple as ordering this produce bag (or any other similar CSA program) is one way to contribute without really even trying! How cool is that?

Besides, it’s just plain fun and yummy. And can’t we all use a little fun and yummy-ness in our lives?

Go forth, little grasshoppers! Find some fun and yummy-ness!

Next time: picking up this week’s bag and deciding what to make.

thank you for reading so far!


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