Luscious Potato Taco Tuesday

Ah, to eat Lusciously. Since discovering the Farmer’s Market Bag (or sometimes they call it a Box) eating lusciously has become quite the passion at my house.

Today, we are finishing up our FMB from last week (click here to see what we got A Sample FMB ) by cooking the beautiful little french red potatoes from the bag. Party Partner’s plan is to make Luscious Style Potato Rolled Tacos from the taters. We enjoy potato rolled tacos from a few of our favorite ubiqutious local taco stands, but have often felt they were lacking a little something.

Our tacos will get that “little something” from amazing local ingredients like the potatoes and green garlic. Have you ever used green garlic? It’s a beautiful and tasty ingredient, and has been included in all three FMB’s we’ve ordered so far. I hope there’s more this Thursday! Plus, we are using the awesome hand-made corn tortillas from El Indio restaurant on India Street. We just walked down and picked them up at lunchtime today along with the fresh green salsa they make there.

potato taco filling

potato taco filling

For topping the tacos we also have a variety of lettuces from our own garden, organic cilantro from the Bag, and unfortunately, some grocery store Mexican shredded cheese. (Meh) Oh well, we shall just have to DEAL.

We started rolling the potato filling into the corn tortillas. WOW. What an eye opener! Literally, a tablespoon of the filling was too much. And to think all these years I’ve been paying 3-5 bucks for rolled tacos. We quickly and (starving-ly) switched to just filling the taco and frying it simply folded over instead of rolled. We just wanted to taste more of the awesome potato filling in the corn tortilla, you know? Not just a smidgen. Plus, we were too hungry to wait for the rolled ones to freeze. Now that we have a little something in the tummy, we can concentrate on the rolling process.

potato tacos

potato tacos

These tacos are worthy of a recipe post and I will get that up asap. Very simple to make, yet elevated to another level due to the quality of ingredients used.You will want to try your hand at these, I guarantee it!

Tomorrow is Wednesday. My plan is check out the video on specialty produce’s facebook page (Click here to see for yourself! Farmer\’s Market Bag 2-24-10)which shows what’s in the bag this week. Always fun to find out what we’ll be eating!

Next time, why the FMB.

Be sure to check out the new page with all the FMB FAQ’s!

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